Praise to the Emperor!

New Assignment

You served your Chapter with honor and zeal, and though you were young in the ranks, you were considered a veteran, having partaken in several skirmishes to protect the Empyrean.

Then came the summons to the Deathwatch.

Stripped of your previous squads and battle brothers, you were to head alone to the Calixis sector in Segmentum Obscuris and transfer to the Adeptus Mechanicus Gladius Class Frigate Herald of the Omnissiah in orbit of Synford IV forge world in Subsector Hazeroth.

Given only a breif moment to take in the staggering sight of the Forge World before your teleport beacon lit and you were dazzlingly transported, you glimpsed many Imperial Guard Battleships being loaded with countless numbers of Baneblade pattern tanks and a heavily damaged Warlord Class Titan hanging limply in the void like a several hundred food tall corpse.

You briefly wonder what field of battle requires such might, and what could have possibly damaged a titan so badly as you materialize, and literally seconds after you hear the Gellar fields begin to hum, the electric arc reverberating down the ship and the sickening lurch as you enter the warp as the Herald of the Omnissiah departs orbit of Synford IV.

You stand in an Armory with Armour shrines, empty but for the gleaming shoulder-pad of the Deathwatch and a servitor. Around you stand battle brothers from a number of chapters; Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Raven Guard, Black Templars to name a few.

At one end of the Armoury, a shrine with no Armour bears only an altar, and with a chime to call your attention a holographic projection of the sigil of the holy Inquisition springs to life, casting is glow throughout the hallowed hall, slowly rotating as you gather before it and a voice from the vox issues forth.

“Space Marines. You have been chosen for the honor of serving in the Holy Emperor’s Deathwatch. You now pursue the enemies of mankind directly for myself and the Chamber Militant of Ordo Xenos Holy Inquisition. Your orders and missions are sacrosanct secret, and you may not reveal any of what is about to become of you when your term ends. My name, rank and responsibilities are irrelevant to you – pray to the Emperor that we never meet in person.

“You stand now in the Armoury of the Battle Barge Emperor’s Pilum, which will be your baracks and home for your term of service. You are being taken to the Jericoh Maw, whereupon you will be sent to the Jericoh Reach on the far side of the Galaxy from whence you set out. There you will un-dock from Herald of the Omnissiah and be taken to report at Watch Fortress Erioch, take your Oath before the Omega Vault and be assigned a Watch Commander.

“To show your service to the Emperor, you may use the servitor to adorn your armor with the color of the Deathwatch, and replace your left shoulder with the Deathwatch regalia supplied. To honor your chapter and the spirit of your carapace, the servitor will not mar the insignia of your home chapter, and you may bear it with pride so that others may know the origins of such an elite battle brother.”

There is another sickening lurch, and the echo of electricity arching along the hull without, and a metallic voice issues through the vox “Transition to realspace complete. ETA Jericho Maw, 2 hours. Standby for disengagement of Deathwatch Battle Barge.

There is a loud clunk, and you all feel the drop of the Barge and the slam as the thrusters kick in. The servitors in the alcoves activate and look out at yourself and you other Battle Brothers waiting in the Armoury, and as the hologram disappears, the human voice that addressed you before concludes with, “Prepare yourselves, and live up to the pride of your home chapter or die in the Emperor’s name trying.”


Somniomancer Somniomancer

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