Brikus Excradomus

Storm Warden Assault Marine


Brickus doesnt say much, but to his personal amusement, his power armour does, The machine spirits within snarl, screech and clank in eagerness to begin the fight.

WS59 BS46 S71 T41 A37 I49 P50 WP47 Fel40

Unnaturally strong, even at the age he was selected to compete in the trails, he fought his way thru the cold marshes of Sacris by paying attention to what was coming his way and simply bludgeoning obstacles, be they fen trolls or other woad smeared aspirants, out of his path. He is grateful for the training and abilities he has recieved as a storm warden. Even as a child he was plagued by the niggling thought that there was a better way to fight. Being an Astartes is that way.

Brikus Excradomus

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