Brother Alturas

Blood Angels - Assault Marine


Personal Demeanor: Studious
Chapter Demeanor: The Red Thirst
Power Armour History: Trophies of Battle, A fury like lighting
Past: Purged a Space Hulk
Deed: Toe to Toe

Alturas was always considered handsome, even more so after the transformation to a Blood Angel.
But the years of near constant war has scarred his once handsome face, it is now a collection of thick white scars thanks to a toe to toe battle with an Ork Warboss during a Greenskin invasion of the Forge moon “Talliat”, “every scar is a badge of honor” he tells all new recruits, “wear them proudly”.

Alturas wears MKVI power armor that last belonged to Veridas, a assault marine captain that died holding off Chaos horde so his fellow battle brothers could save priceless relics from the Shrine world “Exlii”.
This armor marks all the names of the brothers whom have worn it in battle in the form of silver scroll work starting at the left wrist, it reads around the elbow and currently stops at the left pectoral.


Three hundred years of service to Blood Angels chapter has made this marine a master of battle.
He gives no quarter and takes no prisoners, his chainsword is the Emperor’s fury and his bolt pistol is his mercy.

And the Emperor’s mercy shall be delivered.

It was three hundred and 17 years ago a young man named Crixis fought tooth and nail thought the red dust wastelands of Baal. Fighting to be chosen by the silent warrior angels that come but once a generation. Fighting to leave his life behind, a life of picking ruins clean, of warring with the other tribes, a life of pain…

But it was this pain that carried him through the trials at the hallowed ground of Angel’s Fall.
He had raced across the desert, he had jumped from the cliffs, he had fought the beasts in the canyons of Blood.
Now he stands at the Place of Challenge… alone but for one other challenger… And he remembered what his father once told him as a child.
“Pain is a tool, a whetstone on which to sharpen your resolve”

With the last of his strength he lunged at his opponent, his blade sinking deep into the flesh of his chest, he pulled the blade free and was showered in blood.

Once the challenger slumped to the ground a silent angel guided Crixis towards a waiting Thunderhawk.

Are a three day vigil, Crixis drank the blood of Sanguinius and fell into a deep sleep.
One year later he awoke in a golden sarcophagi and stepped out as Brother Alturas and was reborn as a battle brother.

He painstakingly inscribed his father’s words on to his chainsword, forever a reminder of his duty, his honor, his pain.

Brother Alturas

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