Codicier Fulvio

Blood Angels Librarian


Personal Demeanor: Studious
Chapter Demeanor: The Red Thirst
Power Armour History: Terror be thy friend
Past: Scouring of Ultramar

Fulvio wears a Codicier’s Robe draped over Deathwatch MK7 Aquilla Power Armour and carries a Force Sword and Astartes Bolt Pistol. When not wearing his helmet Fulvio has ivory white skin, flowing dark hair and green eyes.

Codicier Fulvio has a calm and studious demeanor. At all times he has an unsettling aura of warp energy inherent in a genetically enhanced psyker. The teeth-rattling hum of his active Power Armour’s power core periodically emits grumbles that are often confused with the growling of a wild beast.


Since his rebirth in the Golden Sarcophagi from a deranged, irradiated nomad on Baal, Codicier Fulvio has served his chapter and the Deathwatch across the galaxy. Most notably, Fulvio is a veteran of both the Ork invasion of his homeworld and the battle for Ultramar against the Tyranid Hive Fleet Behemoth.

Codicier Fulvio now serves the Deathwatch, aiding his Brothers as a paragon of virtue. While in his golden casket-cell he fights damnation alone, praying that the curse in his blood won’t claim him while so isolated from his Chapter’s Sanguinary Priests.

Codicier Fulvio

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