Galvirus Infernis

Deathwatch Tactical Marine (Black Shield)


Galvirus Infernis appears in matt black Mk6 “Corvus” Armor, including the eyes. Not an inflection of color or tone decorates this somber armor. It is obvious that this suit has seen countless warzones, for it’s surface is pockmarked with bullet impacts, damage from energy blasts and the dents of enemy blows. Not a single part is smooth or unscratched. Not a chapter emblem, indicator of deed or rank resides on this armor except for a stained and damaged yet well maintained cingulum with adamantine inlays. None that witness this suit are left in any doubt that it is a weapon or war.

Galvirus is a dark and stoic soul. He has suffered greatly at the hands of the great enemy and has the cybernetic implants to prove it. His stoic nature sees him quietly accepting the darkest of missions and performing the lowest of roles to attone for a dark and unknown past. He rarely speaks due to his Bionic respiratory system and ever rarer still would he remove his helmet and reveal, what has been rumoured to be, half a skull of cybernetics.

Galvirus is a very quiet and intimidating individual.

These are but moments. They should be forgotten but they are not.

* Galvirus helped defeat countless daemons on the Chaos-corrupted Forge World of Thrax. Chapter Master Marneus Calgar issued the order for Exterminatus upon the mission’s completion.

It was a darkness. It was a darkness of sorrow. The fields of his father grew smaller as the transport ship carried him away from his family. His duty was now for the God Emperor of Mankind. He had been successful in his petitions. He had studied and trained hard. As a boy he knew what he wanted to do when he grew to manhood. He wanted to die an Adeptus Astartes and spill his mortal blood for the Golden Throne of Mankind. Now, where there should have been joy, there was only sorrow.

It was a darkness. It was a darkness that held him captive. This was a darkness that contained all that was not him. The black carapace inserted under his skin, the connections that tied and knotted his muscles and sinew. He was blind as the servitors poked, probed, inserted, improved, upgraded, installed and made him great. If his mouth would work he was sure he should be screaming.

This was a darkness of captivity and there was true inevitability in it.

It was a darkness. It was a darkness filled with noise. It was filled with the noise of war.

There was madness here. There was insanity. There was war.

This was war, perfect and insane. Chaos versus order and by The Emperor’s will, order had to prevail.

The forge world was doomed and those who stood upon it’s surface, those who dwelled within it’s shell of steel, rust, metal and industry were doomed.

Deep within this doomed and wasted world, a small and almost insignificant sense of order was running hard to ensure that they did not slip in their step, that their reason was righteous and the golden throne of mankind prevailed. They ran, they ran through the darkness. They ran through the noise.

The mission had been successful and although the Imperial army struggled to prevail, they were doomed. Although the Adeptus Titanicus was deployed and the way before their guns was razed and barren, they were doomed. Although the war machines of the Adeptus Mechanicus had been placed into this corrupt and chaos filled forge world, they were doomed. Although the Adeptus Astartes had been betrayed, broken and strewn over the landscape of noise and war, a few Adeptus Astartes were not doomed. These three figures of darkness and war were running for their lives. Their ship was preparing to leave and now that they had successfully completed their mission, they too had to leave this war.

Exterminatus was coming.

It was a darkness. It was a darkness of the soul. There was nothing for him now. What had been his brothers had turned out to be stench. His brothers were gone. They had been stench and disease. They were traitors. It had been pestilence of the worst kind and he knew what had to be done. He was no longer by his brothers, he was staring at his enemies and by the Emperor’s will and the Codex, he knew what had to be done.

Then there was holy fire, blessed holy fire and it burned him to his very soul.

It was a darkness. It was a darkness of solitude. He was alone. There was nothing here but the cold void of space. There was no story to how he came to be here for that would give him a sense of company but here he was alone. In solitude, he slipped into stasis.

It was a darkness. It was a darkness that smelled of oil, grease, blood and antiseptic.

“Is this correct?”

“Yes my lord.”

The adeptus Mechanici in the room worked busily on the large casket-like container in the centre of the room. There were cables, so many cables that came from the cabinet to the machines around the large room. One of the Mechani spoke in a gravely tone to the individual that stood in the doorway. The dust on the Mechani’s cloak was layered thick. The runes and words of the Omnissiah were inscribed on every metal surface that lay under the cloak of years and dust. From within the aged and dark hood emanated a dull red glow.

“Release him Magos Physic. You have proven beyond any doubt that he is who and what he says he is. He should be treated with the due respect and deserved honours for he alone survives. His name should be written in the chapter books. His name should be spoken in revenance but it will not be. He has no chapter, not any more. He will never have his due respect. He will never wear his honours. He will never know deserved reverence. For him there is only one path now for he has looked upon the true face of our dark enemy and lived. I will take him.”

“Yes Lord Inquisitor.”, came the gravelly reply.

It was a darkness. It was a darkness of a history that no one else would know.

It was a history no one else could realise. As the chapter marks were torn from him, he stood stoically. As his armour was painted, he remembered the dark. As the light stopped reflecting in his eyes, he said nothing. He was never going to forget and he would never speak of it again. As he awoke with new body and purified soul, he was born anew. As he slipped into the glorious darkness, he welcomed it’s embrace.

As his Lord Inquisitor lead him from his preparation alcove and towards the exit, the Lord Inquisitor spoke secrets to the silent Adeptus Astartes in black. As the Lord Inquisitor lead Galvirus Infernis to a new future within the fortress, he remembered the dream of a child, dreamt hundreds of years before and took solace in it, realising that he would again, one day, die an Adeptus Astartes and now, no one would ever know.

It was a darkness. It was a darkness of ages.

  • Initiate wake sequence… **
  • Initiate hyperfeed… **
  • Cease sleep sequence… **
  • Disarm failsafes… **
  • Failsafes disarmed… **
  • Review memory… **
  • Memory review in progress… **
  • Identifying cause… **
  • Weapons status in progress… **
    [ SUFFER NOT THE <break>
  • Accepting overide… **
  • Time synchronizing… **
  • Systems check… **
  • Weapons standing by… **
  • Pod self destruct activated **

“What is your name Brother?”

Galvirus Infernis

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