Placibex Lucian

If space marines had fan boys Placibex Lucian would be the ideal they would imagine.


Placibex proudly wears the brilliant blue and white arrow of the Ultramarines upon his right shoulder even as the rest of his armour has been coloured the black of the Deathwatch.

Except Placibex’s suit is without dent, without flaw, the finish gleams, the Marks of Leadership hung upon his chest are perfectly level, the armour almost seems to stand straighter than the aother suits around it.

The vox circuits relay the voice perceptibly more clearly than other suits, radiating the confidence of the wearer within, one who knows he was born to this mission, will complete this mission and will bring his kill team with him through every mission.

Character: Gregarious
Chapter Demeanour: Honour the Codex

Power Armour

Mark VIII “Errant”

  • History: Lead from the Front
  • +1 to unit cohesion
  • + 5 to command tests
  • gorget, on a d10 8,9,10 head hits count as against body
  • AP 8/11

Many times has this suit commanded squads, armies and others into battle. Never has the wearer been defeated while heroically leading others. The armour radiates this confidence to those around it. It is a symbol of all that the Astartes can be.

Power Sword
By “Right Gear for the Job” talent

  • 1d10+6E Pen 6
  • Balanced
  • Power Field
  • Bio:

    Placibex is the model Ultramarine. By the book, every time. Studied in the way of the codex, Placibex is an expert on tactics and command.

    Loving nothing more than to lead by example, Placibex is often at the forefront of the battle swinging his gleaming sword into foes and inspiring those beside him.

    Placibex Lucian

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