Resource: Litany of Exclusion

+ + + Litany of Exclusion + + +
+ + + Location :: Perform the Litany at a Command Level Machine Spirit Altar + + +
+ + + Preparation :: Anoint self with Sacred Machine Oil + + +
+ + + Instructions ::
On bended knee before the Machine Spirit Altar, command attention of the Machine Spirit by placing your right hand over one of your hearts with the fingers closed and the thumb extended, then the left hand on the green Altar panel and intoning the sacred words;
Initiating activation sequence, aktiva cons sequentia. Librius machina auroris dei. Contact established with machine spirit of Mechanicus Explorator Frigate, designate Herald of the Omnissiah. Deus Mechanicus be praised.

Showing your trust in the Machine Spirit, un-shield your heart, placing your hand on the Altar directly opposite the left, which should remain where it was first placed, and open yourself to the gaze critical of the Omnissiah. If the sacred tone of approval is given after the panel lights under your left hand, bless the key once with your lips, and insert into the sacred slot lit by holy lumen glow. Then utter the following;
Deus Mechanicus. Anima Mechanica, exsuscitare. Stipes apud pares aequalis Fusce. Tesserae aequalis Lee-mah Eck-oh Tan-go autem turpis Mike Nin-er Wun Nov-em-bah. Centrum. Deus Mechanicus be praised.

Remove both hands, and with the thumb and forefinger of the left, touch the runes marked ‘Ctrl’ and ‘Alt’, while with the index finger of your right touch the rune marked ‘Del’, hold and chant the blessing;
Exequi exsecutiva crinem de munus. Restringere omnes accessum duo imperio gradu et hoc bio signature. Inchoare clausa descendit omnium ratio infra imperio gradu.

Remove you hands from the runes, then take the key from the slot once it’s lumen glow diminishes, and enunciate;
Mechanism, I restore thy spirit. Let the god-machine breathe half-life unto thy veins and render thee functional. Deus Mechanicus be praised.

Resource: Litany of Exclusion

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