Restriction: Explorator Artefacts

The location of this mission contains lost artefacts from before the Dark Age of Technology as recovered by the Adeptus Mechanicus Explorator fleets and the Mechanicus Magistos. These artefacts are incredibly dangerous, sacred and secret, and will be contained, or marked with the Seal of the Explorator so as to be identified.

To avoid catastrophic threat to lives of the Empire, contact with these artefacts is forbidden, and Marines should be wary of their own movements around these artefacts and firing in their vicinity.

As sacred artefacts, they may posses a highly offendable machine spirit, and as such items used in this mission should bear the Seal of Respectful Passing, and further may require the Litany of Permission performed before use and the Litany of Gratitude spoken after use.

Explorator artefacts in sealed containers should not be observed, scanned or probed with any device, and doing so is considered Heresy, and may attract penalties.

Restriction: Explorator Artefacts

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