Codicer Malcador

Dark Angels Librarian


Personal Demeanor: Calculating
Chapter Demeanor: Sons of the Lion
Power Armour Model: Mark VI
Power Armour History: Libarium Requisitioned,Light of the Astronomicon
Deeds: None

Named by his historian father after Malchador the Hero, now an often forgotten figure of the imperium, Malchador was one of only a handful of survivors of a tyranid invasion of a sparesly populated agri-world. Upon his rescue the Dark Angels took the combination of name and previously unnoticed psychic power as a sign and inducted him to the Rock at a remarkably early age. Too young to become an initiate, Malchador served as a chapter serf to the Head Librarian where he was tutored in many basic skills, all the while being closely obversed and monitored for psychic aberance.

Codicer Malcador

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