Kerith Silens

Kerith moves silently, speaks very little and constantly scans his surrounds.



Demeanour: Scornful
Chapter Demeanour: Quiet, considering, willing to use allies as bait.

Keriths Cloak

Kerith wears a ghillie cloak that of his own design at all times. This hangs behind him like a cape normally would. A large hood normally hangs inside out down his back the interior a deep non reflective dark blue. The outside of the cape is covered in bits and pieces of random debris, pieces of plastic in muted colours and other odds and ends, each painstakingly torn or folded into a vague feather like shape. Prior to a mission Kerith can often be found quietly contemplating the upcoming tasks and carefully tying new things to his cloak that match the next terrain.


  • Looks pretty darn impressive
  • Allows Kerith to feel slightly more awesome every time he succeeds at a stealth related task.

Camo Cloak (Apparently Kerith got his terrain choice right) 20 req

  • Allows +20 to concealment rolls
  • Counts as 1 bracket distance further away when stationary and targeted by ranged weapons

Power Armour

Mark VI “Corvus”

  • History: Blood of a Battle Brother (+1 to kill teams cohesion)
  • History: Warp Taint +10 corruption +10 to fear tests
  • +10 to agility
  • +15 to awareness
  • +20 to strength
  • AP 8/9

At some point in the suits history, an Astartes now only remembered to the annals of the Raven Guard, fought a hopeless battle against overwhelming odds with his squad. As the second to last battle brother was torn apart by unnatural demonic hands the suit and its owner howled in fury landing the crushing blow that sent it back to the warp.

The suit remembers both the loss its wearer felt as well as the corruption from the warp left behind by the daemons blood that covered it.

Any wearer gains +10 to fear tests and +1 to cohesion as both suit and owner focus purpose to prevent this ever happening again, but also gain 10 points of corruption from the daemons foul blood.

Favourite Toys

These need to be bought with requisition for suitable missions at this point :(

A man of stealth and decisive action, Kerith likes to strike from afar when his enemies least expect it. Or shank them in the back.

Mark IX Ultra Pattern Sniper Rifle 25 req

Nothing says “You’re a dirty xenos” then a toxin round to the face. Quiet, effective and long ranged Kerith has been known to pick away at commanding xenos leaders from afar leaving the minor xenos filth as easy targets.

“Soundstrike” missile launcher 10 req

For that other sort of sniping, where you get to see it coming but there is not much you can do about it anyway.

With 250m of range nothing is more satisfying than smacking a krak missile into an armoured unit unexpectedly or destroying a small squad with a fragmentation missile in a single horrific blast.

Ceremonial Sword 3 req

While it may lack the armour piercing power of the more modern motorised chainsword, a sword is silent, effective and need not reveal the location of its owner. Kerith often uses this to replace his dagger for silent close combat work.


Kerith served as scout for many years with the Raven Gaurd. Often he would elect to leave his power armour in the Armoury and kit out in scout armour, leading squads of younger candidates into action far behind enemy lines, training them in the arts of concealment and covert actions.

Appreciating his chapters dilemma of dwindling numbers he prefers to train recruits in the art of striking from afar with devastating unexpected force the quickly leaves the enemy unable to respond.

His dedication to forward reconnaissance sharpened his chapters already potent training. He was awarded the “Ravens Talons” after destroying several Tau leader units in a particularly critical battle during the crusade allowing a platoon of imperial guard to hold off the main forces until reinforcements could arrive.

Kerith Silens

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